Thursday, 16 March 2017

House of the Scorpion and Gattaca

In class we recently watched the movie Gattaca and read the book The house of the Scorpion. These two stories have very similar messages and themes. From The House of the Scorpion, Matt was a clone. He was supposed to be used for transplants for a man named El Patron, but Matt wanted more of a life and wanted to be like the other kids. Vincent from Gattaca had a dream to go to space, but he was going to die of heart disease.

Matt and Vincent were very similar; they were both the protagonists from their story. A protagonist in a story is the person that is the leading character or one of the major characters in the story. Matt was discriminated because he was a clone, he faced similar discriminations to Vincent from Gattaca. He was called a bad animal and a beast, but Matt didn’t want to be a clone, he wanted to have a normal live wanted to be like everyone else. Matt tried to convince people that he is not different from everyone else. He tries to convince people that he is very similar. Vincent has a heart disease. He wants to accomplish something in life and go to space. He was always weaker than everyone else and was categorized as a less than and a weak person. Vincent struggled a lot to get to space, but he tried really hard.

Matt and Vincent were also very different from each other. Matt was used for a heart transplant and Vincent was supposed to die because of his heart disease. There are a lot of similarities in the stories too. Both of the character tried to hide their true selves to fit into society because neither one of them were considered normal in their society. Both stories have a happy ending. Matt makes it back to Opium and becomes the leader and Vincent ends up going to space.  

Both of the stories have similar themes. the themes of each story could be "your dreams are more powerful that societies suggestions". This could be the theme because society says that Vincent shouldn’t go to space because he has a heart disease, but he followed his dream and ignored societies suggestion to go to space. In The House of the Scorpion, this could be the theme because Matt is different and he wants a normal life. When El Patron needed a transplant, Matt escaped to Aztlan so he could live his full life. Society says that Matt is a bad animals and that he shouldn’t be treated the same as everyone else, But after El Patron died, Tam Lin explains that there is no difference between humans and clones. Matt escaped and lived life like a normal human in Aztlan. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Crossing the border

Lately there has been a problem of refugees crossing the border. They would cross the border illegally and dangerously because they want to get away from their country because of the situations they are in. For example, A guy left from Somalia because of his lack of work. He was trying to go to Europe for a better life, but Europe wasn’t possible so he was forced to work as a slave for two years and then, later he made an escape to Europe.
Every year thousands of people make this journey. In 2016, an estimated 4,576 people died from crossing the Mediterranean alone.  

In The House of the Scorpion, everyone was trying to cross the border between Aztlan and USA. When the people tried to cross the border, they were caught by the farm patrol and turned into eejits. An example of someone trying to escape in the book is Matt, he illegally escaped to Aztlan because they were trying to dispose of him for being a clone without a purpose. People try to cross the border in the book because they aren’t they  well in the country they are currently in. In real life people are risking their lives because they are desperate. They think living in a different place will be better than the place they were currently living in. 

Matt and the refugee made it to safety, but not everyone does. Crossing the border and escaping a country can be very dangerous.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Matt's worldview

I think the elements of worldview that are most influential to Matt’s life are view of the good life. I think he connects to view of the good life because he is a clone and different from everyone else, he is called a beast or a bad animal, but he still wants to think of himself the same as the other kids and he wants to make the most out of his life.  He wants to be treated like everyone else and do the same things as everyone else.

In the book Matt is called a bad animal, a beast, Tom throws an orange at him, he is compared to the clone at the hospital and Tom and Felicia are mean to him, but he still wants to act like a humans and do things like learn how to read and write, learn math and learn how to play the piano. All of these things are what real people do.

Another reason this connects to view of the good life is because Matt thought McGregor made his clone for spare parts when he needs them, but El Patron choose not to give the chemical that turns clones into idiots. Since El Patron saved Matt by not giving him the chemical, there should be another reason for why he made Matt. Matt should take advantage of how El Patron didn’t give him the chemical and try to get something out of this world.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Can a person be good and evil at the same time?

How do you justify the idea that a person can be both good and evil at the same time?

You can justify the idea of a person being both good and evil at the same time because no one can just be one of those. I think it depends on what you are doing, for example people might have more evil intentions while doing one thing and more good intentions while doing another. It also depends on what kind of person you are. Some people can be more bad and a little good or they can be more good and a little bad, but I don’t think anyone can just be good or just be bad.

People can be good and bad at the same time because they might have bad intentions, but it could be for a good reason. The person could be a good person and still do bad things or the person can be bad and still do good things. A person can be good and evil at the same time by doing something bad, but then feeling sorry and thinking about what you're doing, then stop. The person can be doing a good thing, but it could be hurting someone else.

An example of someone being good and bad at the same time is when Tom was being mean to Matt and calling him names, but all the other people see him as a well mannered boy that is nice and kind, but really he has a lot of bad intentions like taking Matt and Maria to the hospital. Matt is another example of someone being good and bad at the same times because in the book Matt is a really nice guy but he threw an orange at Tom, he forced Maria to kiss him and he took Maria’s dog which was bad, but he did it so he can talk her and apologize to her, which is good.

I think people can be good and evil at the same time. People may not always be just good or always be just evil, but they can be a little bit of both. You can justify if a person is both good or evil by their thoughts, their intentions, what they do and what kind of person they are.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

The first 120 pages of the book

The fist hundred pages we read in The House of the Scorpion were telling us about Matt being a clone. The book said that They were making 36 clones, but only one of them survived which was Matt. The book told us about some of the other characters like Celia, Maria, Tom, Felicia, El Patròn and Tam lin.

I really enjoyed the first hundred pages because It was a narrative driven book and it hook the reader. The book tells a lot of information about the characters they introduced so far and the book as a good story. There is some humor in the book like when Matt threw the rotten orange at Tom because he was calling him names and being mean. There are really interesting parts in the book like when Matt found a secret passage in the music room. I wonder why it’s there? Another really interesting part of the book is when someone poisoned Fur ball. I think it was Tom that did it to frame Matt or it could have been Felicia because she is following Tom. It could have also been El Patròn testing Matt because he is his clone.   

I think this book is really interesting because it takes place in the future where they have the technology to make clones. It is interesting that the author chooses to write the book in the future because you get to see and make inferences on what the future might look like. 

I think a world view element The connects to Matt’s life is view of the good life, this is because Matt is a clone and everyone thinks this a bad thing and they are calling a a beast or a bad animal, but Matt doesn’t like this. He want to be treated the same as everyone else and get the most out of his life.